Having undergone a major £3M transformation during 2021 the Leicester site is now the UK machining division’s center of excellence for machined rings, casings and prismatic components within the UK and is supported by our low cost offering in Bangalore. Although the Bangalore facility sits under the control our UK Machining division its services can be utilized by the entire group as required. Similarly to our US Machining Division we have a wide array of supply chain capabilities located close to our facility which we utilize for support as necessary.


Founded in 1988 the Leicester facility was one of the original manufacturing sites which formed Bromford Industries in 2009. Most recently it has undergone a huge transformation as part of the consolidation of the UK Machining footprint. This has resulted in a center of excellence, comprising modern machine tools adopting digital best practices in an optimized shopfloor layout all supported by our low-cost joint venture in Bangalore…

Leicester Facility

Bangalore (India)

Established in 2012 AeroCision Aerocomp Pvt India Limited (“ACI”) is an AS9100D certified Indo-American joint venture based in Bangalore. ACI has been developed to serve the wider Bromford Group and has been successfully delivering both rough and finish machined components to the Bromford Group and domestic aerospace customers…

Bangalore Facility